Amelia Emma Forrest

Company Experience 

The Baltic Dance Theatre (2012-2014)
Promoted to Soloist (2013)

- Six Dances (Jiri Kylian)
- Clash (Patrick Delcroix)
- Windows (Izadora Weiss)
- The Rite of Spring (Izadora Weiss)
- Death and the Maiden (Izadora Weiss)
- Out (Izadora Weiss)
- A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Izadora Weiss)
- Cool Fire (Izadora Weiss)
- Light (Izadora Weiss)
- Chopinart (Emil Wesolowski)

Béjart Ballet Lausanne (2011-2012)
- Le Sacre de Printemps (Maurice Béjart)
*while attending the school


​"The Passion of Andrea 2" Simone Mousset Research Period Jan-Feb 2018
​-VR Project with Josephine Decker & WOLF Kino (March 2017) 
-“BeautifuK” Research & Development - Sweetshop Revolution Company (Jan23-Feb11th 2017) 
-William Bilwa Costa - Non-touch movement collaboration - APAB, Berlin
-“Blues In Your Eyes” Installation MOTUS Project -Choreographer/Concept (STOUR SPACE Gallery, London) 
- “I think…therefore I Ham?” -Dancer/ Choreographer Amma Dance Theatre
      -Resolutions 2016, The Place
      -Pitch 2016, The Point
      -Footprint 2016, Roehampton
- Sasha Milavic Davies - “What Rises Must Dance” , The Place
- Muti Musafiri Presents - ReFractions on Attachments, The Place
- Levantes Dance Theatre - “Sun Kissed” 
- “Me, Anima” Freelance for Rachel Owen (St. Martins College) 
- Dance Film "Parallel" directed by Lucy Jones Release (all improvisation) 
- Resolutions 2015 "Definitely Worth Knowing" Jayne Port
- Cash+David – “BONES” (Bullion Productions)- (Music Video)
- Matias Aguayo - "El Rudo del House" (4 music videos)- (Bullion Productions)


-“MOTHER”- "The After" 
       - Premiered August 26th,2017 @KUNST100 Gallery Space 
       - Played @4bid gallery, Amsterdam November 23rd, 2017
-“Madonna” Co-Choreographer/Dancer, Premier June 2017
-2 week research period at ufaFabrik for “Stacking / Cycles” body research  (April 2017)
-“VEIL” to premier Feb 28th 2017 at Eschschloraque 
-“Stepping Stones” March 11&12 2017 (solo) NAH DRAN ada Studios
-ufaFabrik Residency - for solo “Stepping Stones” August 2016


4 month Technicians Shadowing Internship at Dansmakers Amsterdam

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen “Embodying the Architecture of the Body as a Foundation for Movement” 12‐day Workshop on a Body‐Mind Centering  Approach to Dance

Motimaru Dance Company (Tiziana Longo & Motoya Kondo) BUTOH, Stefano Taiuti (BUTOH), Yuko Kaseki (BUTOH) , VAGELINE (BUTOH), Yael Gaathon (BUTOH), Mitsuyo Uesugi (BUTOH), Yuko Kawamoto(BUTOH) and Natsu Nakajima (BUTOH).


The Béjart Ballet School (2010-2012)
Michel Gascard(Director)
Azari Plisaski(Ballet Master)
Tancredo Taveres(Martha Graham Teacher)
*Other disciplines include: Percussion, Singing,

Aerial Fabric, Indian Dance, and Commedia Del Arte

La Companyia Juvenil Ballet Barcelona(2009-2010)
Rodolfo Castellanos
Jean Emile
Elise Lummis

Colburn School Dance Institute LA,USA
Glenn Edgerton
Leslie Carothers-Aromaa
Glen Eddy
Fiona Lummis

Stefan Wenta LA, USA (2004 – 2007)

“Gdansk's Young Artist of the Year” (2013)
“Pomorska's Most Promising Artist” (2013

Photo by Scott Goetz