Amelia Emma Forrest

Company Experience 

The Baltic Dance Theatre (2012-2014) - Director Izadora Weiss
Promoted to Soloist (2013) - Director Izadora Weiss

Six Dances, Choreographed by Jiri Kylian
Clash, Choreographed by Patrick Delcroix
Windows, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
The Rite of Spring, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
Death and the Maiden, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
Out, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
Cool Fire, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
Light, Choreographed by Izadora Weiss
Chopinart, Choreographed by Emil Wesolowski

Béjart Ballet Lausanne (2011-2012)
Le Sacre de Printemps, Choreographed by Maurice Béjart


The Passion of Andrea 2 by Simone Mousset (Research Period Jan-Feb 2018)
VR Project with Josephine Decker & WOLF Kino (March 2017)
BeautifuL Research & Development - Sweetshop Revolution Company (Jan23-Feb11th 2017) ​
William Bilwa Costa - Non-touch movement collaboration - APAB, Berlin
Blues In Your Eyes Installation MOTUS Project -Choreographer/Concept (STOUR SPACE Gallery, London)
I think…therefore I Ham? - Dancer/ Choreographer Amma Dance Theatre
      - Resolutions 2016, The Place
      - Pitch 2016, The Point
      - Footprint 2016, Roehampton
Sasha Milavic Davies - What Rises Must Dance , The Place
Muti Musafiri Presents - ReFractions on Attachments, The Place
Levantes Dance Theatre - Sun Kissed
Me, Anima Freelance for Rachel Owen (St. Martins College)
Dance Film Parallel directed by Lucy Jones Release (all improvisation)
Resolutions 2015 Definitely Worth Knowing Jayne Port
Cash+David – BONES (Bullion Productions)- (Music Video)
Matias Aguayo - El Rudo del House (4 music videos)- (Bullion Productions)


“Gdansk's Young Artist of the Year” (2013)
“Pomorska's Most Promising Artist” (2013)

​​ Creations​​

MOTHER - The Arising
              - Premiered Feb 24th & 25th, 2018 @Tatwerk Berlin
               -Played March 16th, 2018 @Funkhaus for Kepler 452b
MOTHER - The After
              - Premiered August 26th,2017 @KUNST100 Gallery Space
              - Played November 23rd, 2017@4bid gallery, Amsterdam 
              - Played April 20th, 2018 @ Petersburg Art Space Berlin
Madonna, Premiered June 1st,2017 at Birgit und Bier
2 week research at ufaFabrik for Stacking / Cycles body research (April 2017)
VEIL to premiered Feb 28th, 2017 at Eschschloraque
Stepping Stones March 11&12 2017 NAH DRAN # 62 at ada Studios
ufaFabrik Residency - for solo Stepping Stones August 2016

​​Workshops (2016 - 2018)

-  4 month Technicians Shadowing Internship at Dansmakers       Amsterdam.
- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen “Embodying the Architecture of the Body   as a Foundation for Movement” 12‐day Workshop on a Body‐Mind    Centering  Approach to Dance.
- Motimaru Dance Company (Tiziana Longo & Motoya Kondo)     BUTOH, Stefano Taiuti (BUTOH), Yuko Kaseki (BUTOH) , VAGELINE (BUTOH), Yael Gaathon (BUTOH), Mitsuyo Uesugi (BUTOH), Yuko Kawamoto(BUTOH) and Natsu Nakajima (BUTOH).


The Béjart Ballet School (2010-2012)
Michel Gascard(Director)
Azari Plisaski(Ballet Master)
Tancredo Taveres(Martha Graham Teacher)
*Other disciplines include: Percussion, Singing,

Aerial Fabric, Indian Dance, and Commedia Dell'arte

La Companyia Juvenil Ballet Barcelona(2009-2010)
Rodolfo Castellanos (Ballet)
Jean Emile (Ballet & Contemporary Repertoire)
Elise Lummis (Ballet & RAD Syllabus)

Colburn School Dance Institute LA,USA (2007-2009)
Glenn Edgerton (Ballet & Contemporary Repertoire)
Leslie Carothers-Aromaa (Ballet, Pilates & Classical Repertoire)
Glen Eddy (Ballet & Contemporary Repertoire)
Fiona Lummis (Ballet & Contemporary Repertoire)
Michael Roberts (Musical Theory)

Stefan Wenta LA, USA (2004 – 2007) -